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Video games marketing is a rare beast. The skill sets and types of people that publishers and agencies look to hire are not only different from other industries, but rapidly changing. So whether it's advertising, PR, community, or media that interests you, join industry veterans for a discussion on how you can jump start your career in video games marketing and Q&A to hear advice on your specific dream job.

In this panel we will discuss the positive impact universities have had on the video game industry; showcasing the cultural, scientific, and economic importance of video game programs in colleges and universities.  

The video game industry has evolved a great deal in recent years and as a result, what were once just a handful of career paths and job qualifications have split and split again into a several of career paths and jobs. Find out what they are at VGU.

Learn or improve on your music making skills! This panel will be focused on industry professionals looking to have a conversation with other pros to discuss getting your music licensed for video games and more.

    Changing  Beliefs  &  Actions  That  Hold  Us  Back


This Panel discussion focuses  on  identifying  and  offering  solutions  for the issues that hinder inclusion and progress for women and

people of color in tech industries.



Virtual Reality,  is it the next frontier of gaming or a passing fad? Come hear some of the industry leaders on what they see for the future of VR in gaming and where VR fits in with the rest of the world.


Hear professionals discuss romance in games, and get to ask them questions about what it's like to write, develop, and play this kind of content.

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