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Alexandra Lee


DJ Honda RECORDINGS (founded 1997) is a profitable, innovative, and independent record label by dj honda who is a world renowned DJ, music producer, and reputable entrepreneur. This organization has four offices internationally in New York City, Tokyo, Sapporo and Seoul.DJ Honda RECORDINGS music releases can be heard on MTV, BET, Fuse and other TV network channels in addition to providing music for independent films and blockbuster box office movie hits. Successful with licensing  music to the gaming industry such as Namco Bandai’s “Too Fast and Furious 2: Tokyo Drift” as well as to other games companies such as Rockstar.


Jason Graves


is an Academy Award-winning (BAFTA) composer who has brought his passion for music to projects such as THE ORDER: 1886 (SONY), EVOLVE (2k GAMES), TOMB RAIDER
(SQUARE ENIX) and DEAD SPACE (EA). He is particularly enthusiastic about illustrating a project’s
story and character arcs through the power of music. His sophisticated composition style has made his work synonymous with unique musical textures and cinematic orchestral writing.

Jason composed an experimental, non-orchestral score for 2k’s highly anticipated co-op shooter 
EVOLVE, enlisting his myriad of percussion instruments, guitar effects and found sound recordings to produce an atmospheric, edgy score that reflects team choice and gameplay states through music.


Shota Nakama


is most recognized for his active involvement in the video game industry, especially for his creation of the Video Game Orchestra, a “rockestra” (ROCK + ORCEHSTRA) project performing his own arrangements of the music from popular video games with a rock band, orchestra and choir. He has performed throughout the country and internationally at well-known venues such as Boston Symphony Hall, the Seattle Paramount Theater, Rosemont Convention Center, Shanghai Symphony Hall, Sydney Opera House, The Venetian Las Vegas, Hynes Convention Center and Boston Convention Center.


The group has also headlined for massive, international video game conventions such as Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), an event that hosts an audience of over 70,000. Most recently, he and his production have been featured on “Rising Artist,” from Japan’s national Television network, NHK World, and toured China and Taiwan, performing sold-out concerts at Taipei International Convention Center, Xinghai Concert Hall, and Shanghai Oriental Art Center. The project has received widespread media attention and has been featured on prominent news sources such as Boston Globe, MIX Magazine, MSN, Asahi Newspaper, and NHK.



Daniel Tidwell


is a recording artist most known for his epic guitar driven metal re-creations of video game themes on YouTube. A pioneer in the YouTube VGM community, his cover of the battle theme from Final Fantasy VII went viral with over 3 million views and his channel now has over 15 million views. His third album of VGM covers was released in July of this year, entitled Versus Video Games 3. Daniel has performed around the country at conventions such as SXSW, Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), Nerdapalooza and MAGFest. 



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