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Roger Romero founder and CEO of ModdedApps believes mobile gaming has reached a point where merely tapping and swiping on your touchscreen or connecting to your mobile handset with the standard joystick and buttons is not enough for you or the onslaught of hard core games and developers coming to the platform. He has spent the last two years shooting towards and believing in what he calls the "gaming revolution”. Don't miss him live talking and showing next GEN mobile gaming.


Prof. Patricia Reiff, Director of the Rice Space Institute at Rice University. ePlanetarium® is an authorized distributor of portable domes, shows, projectors, and software from many of the finest producers in the world. Fully portable digital theaters with true HD (using all the width of 1920 and most of the height), with fulldome movies and zoom-in digital starfields. With support from NASA REASoN and a strong partnership with museums and universities, we bring the excitement of museum-quality shows, presenting a wide range of educational topics, in a state-of-the-art mobile digital theater system.


At Children’s National Hospital,

Video games are part of the prescription.

In collaboration with D.C.-based Interface Media Group,Rebstock and others at the hospital designed games that can target specific muscle groups and measure progress as a part of the therapy. The games, which operated on Microsoft’s Xbox and its Kinect controller, include two games that work the upper body and one that players control by shifting their weight from side to side. The Kinect, which responds to players’ movements to control games, also allows medical staff to take exact data about how patients’ range or dexterity have improved over the course of a treatment.


Guns of Icarus By Muse Games, Muse Games will be discussing the latest news on their online sensation. 


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