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Have you ever wanted to make a game, but felt like you didn’t have the skills to create your vision? Worry no more! Learn the fundamentals of game development in this 2-hour workshop, and leave with your very own game built by your own hands! No programming experience required!

Please bring your own laptop with Unity installed if you’d like to follow along.

MGTA is part of the Mason Computer Game Design Program and the Virginia Serious Game Institute. MGTA offers age appropriate classes in 3D Game Design, Art & Animation, Mobile App Development, programming, writing and music for games, neuroscience, and engineering. Classes take place on the Fairfax and Loudoun Campuses of Mason, and on-line through Scriyb, the revolutionary learning engagement platform created at VSGI. MGTA-Scriyb courses captures the Energy and Magic of a live classroom, along with the peer-to-peer social learning that makes online learning like playing a game, and so much fun!

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