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Phaedra Boinodiris


is IBM's global lead for serious games and gamification at IBM. Since the start of her career at IBM she has incubated a games for marketing program, a games for training program and IBM's very first consulting practice integrating games with real data and real processes to solve complex problems for organizations. In her present role she is creating a game development ecosystem on IBM’s cloud. She is also the author of Serious Games for Business, published in 2014 by Megan-Kiffer press


Belinda Van Sickle


is the President/CEO of GameDocs specializing in strategic and marketing consulting. She started her video game career in 1997 at Activision. She has worked on advertising, marketing and strategy for Activision, Disney, Microsoft, Sony, Warner Bros., Vivendi, Blizzard, Konami, Midway, Capcom, LucasArts, DARPA and other AAA, mobile, social and serious game developers and publishers. Belinda also serves as CEO of Women in Games International, leading WIGI's efforts to promote and encourage women's achievement in the video game industry.


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