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Belle caught costume fever early in her life. Because her family was deeply involved in historical costuming, inducting her into whirlwind world of hand-sewing, stitching, and bustling, Belle did what every red-blooded sewing extraordinaire would do-- she joined the theatre.  In college, she handcrafted costumes for Halloween and Renaissance fairs. It wasn't long before Belle fell into the wonderful world of no return-- the huge, heady arena of cosplay. But like many players, damn it, she was here to win.  Belle began strongly, winning an honorablemention for her very first cosplay. And this was only the beginning. Since then, Belle has sated her cosplay hunger pains with thermoplastics, leather, fabulous fabrics, foam, clay, liquid latex (not as fun as it sounds, gentlemen), and liquid plastic.  When she is not crafting cosplay, Belle works with various cosplaying groups like CosLove. She was also the DC Captain for the #WeWantWidow movement and is a big advocate for diversity in comics, merchandise, and media.

Patrick Michael Strange


is a Scorpio with brown eyes who prefers boxers, clear deodorants and Ultimate Hold hair gel. He is 5'7" in height, weighs about 170 pounds and hasn’t worked out in quite some time. He is the Host & Executive Producer of The                New Release Wednesday show and is the CEO/Co-Founder of the charity cosplay group, CosLove. On occasion, Patrick acts as a member of the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Arts (SAG-AFTRA); but has been busy with other film pursuits by writing his own screen projects instead of being the usual “Asian Bad Guy #2”.

Patrick was born in San Diego, California and was raised around the world as the product of a US Navy sailor and a Filipino woman whom worked at a brothel (note: ‘worked at’ as the bartender not ‘work’ for the brothel). Patrick met and married a beautiful black woman named Ebony while Patrick was enlisted in the US Navy and they both enjoy and indulge in the stupidity and stares from the pockets of racism as they eat their way through the South. Nothing stops good fried chicken! Together they also spawned a mixed child female that will soon become President of the United States that will rival the fame of previous President Obama.
Patrick has been a part of award winning television, film and comics projects. He has been a guest on TV shows and at comics conventions and shows… but he prides his biggest accomplishments being that of his child, his family and friends and his work with his charity group, CosLove.  # ShowYourHeart    
Patrick can be found online on all the social networks and you can read some of his comics and watch some of film work on his official website,  

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