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Anyone who engages in harassment will be removed from VGU, have their badge revoked, and be given a permanent ban to the convention. Onsite security and police will be notified in accordance with all state laws and governing procedures

Any and all information relating to the victims of harassment will be treated by VGU as confidential unless otherwise required by law, overriding public health and safety concerns, or authorized by the parties in question.



Harassment is unwelcome or hostile behavior, including speech that intimidates, creates discomfort, or interferes with a person's participation or opportunity for participation, in a conference, event or program. Harassment in any form, including but not limited to harassment based on alienage or citizenship, age, color, creed, disability, marital status, military status, national origin, pregnancy, childbirth- and pregnancy-related medical conditions, race, religion, sex, gender, veteran status, sexual orientation or any other status protected by laws in which the conference or program is being held, will not be tolerated. Harassment includes the use of abusive or degrading language,  intimidation, stalking, gropping, harassing photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, sexual imagery and unwelcome sexual attention. A response that the participant was “just joking,” or “teasing,” or being “playful,” will not be accepted.


Individuals violating these standards may be sanctioned or excluded from further participation at the discretion of the organizers or responsible committee.

If at any point you feel unsafe at VGU or that any of the rules have been broken, we ask that you immidiately inform  a member of our VGU Staff.




VGU does not tolerate Violence. Every person is entitled to safety at VGU. Violating that expectation of safety through violence or threats of violence perpetrated against another person is explicitly prohibited and will result in removal from premises escorted by Security and Police.



VGU does not tolerate Illegal substances. If you are caught buying, using or dealing illegal drugs while at the show, security and police will be contacted. If you are under the influence of legal drugs and try  interfering with other attendees at VGU we reserve the right to escort you from the premises security and police will be contacted.



VGU will not tolerate Theft. If you are caught stealing directly from another individual or taking items from any private or public areas of VGU that are not expressly indicated to be free, security and police will be contacted.



VGU will not tolerate cheating at Tournaments/Events. Everyone is expected to abide by all rules and regulations when gaming or competing with each other


Cheating: Deliberate dishonesty or fraudulent actions intended to provide an unfair advantage in a competitive setting . Anyone caught cheating will be immediately disqualified from all competitive events at the convention. Severe and repeated cases will result in one or more of the following: Revoking of badge and winner title (inlcuding grand prize if proven that cheating was involved),  ban on future shows.



All prop weapons brought to the show MUST be approved by the Convention Staff as soon as you arrive. We will update all weapon policies shortly via convention staff.

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