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Boy Scouts Game Design Workshop:
software needed:


In this workshop students will


  • Write a vision statement for their game. Identify the medium, player format, objectives, and theme of the game. They will also describe the setting, story, and characters.

b. Make a preliminary list of the rules of the game. Define the resources.

c. Draw the game elements.

·   Prototype a game:

a. Students will prototype a game based on their requirements.

b. Students will test their prototype with as many other people as they need to meet the player format. Compare the play experience to the game descriptions from requirement. Correct unclear rules, holes in the rules, dead ends, and obvious rule exploits. Students will then change at least one rule, mechanic, or objective from your first version of the game, and describe why they are making the change. Play the game again. Record whether or not the change had the expected effect.

Boy Scouts Programming workshop
Software needed:

In this workshop students will do the following


·  General knowledge:

  • Create a list of 10 popular programming languages in use today and describe which industry or industries they are primarily used in and why.

  • Describe three different programmed devices they rely on every day.

·  Project build a Web Application:

  • Students will build a sample Web Application. Then, as a minimum, modify the code or add a function or subprogram to it. Students will debug and demonstrate the modified program to their groups.

  • Students will explain how the programs they wrote process inputs, how they make decisions based on those inputs, and how they provide outputs based on the decision making.

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